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This case study outlines the journey of a client operating in the ecommerce sector, a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of condiments, that embarked on a significant digital overhaul to revamp its decade-old website and streamline its operations.

The Challenge

Our initial engagement with the organisation was marked by a unique set of challenges. The client, who had limited technical skills, had recently acquired the business and was unable to make changes to the existing, outdated digital infrastructure. The public-facing website did not offer ecommerce functionality, limiting the organisation’s market reach, and the wholesale arm of the business was managed through a combination of email, phone calls and even fax, a process that was not only time-consuming and repetitive but also potentially deterred prospective wholesalers.

The Solution

Adopting a Design Thinking approach, we undertook several intensive discussion sessions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current business operations and the client’s future aspirations. This approach allowed us to identify the client’s needs and propose high-level solutions that would address their challenges.

The project scope encompassed the development of a new ecommerce website with a focus on wholesaler management and a stockist map. We proposed the creation of two pricing levels - a “public” level visible to the public, and a “wholesale” level for wholesale stockists to login and order in bulk. This required the configuration of customised access levels and views for each of the different user groups, with scope for additional groups such as "VIP" to be added at a later date if required. An EDM solution was also proposed but the client decided to implement this at a later date once the new platform had been successfully launched.

The Impact

The transformation project had a profound impact on the organisation’s operational efficiency and market reach. The new website not only enhanced the organisation’s online presence but also opened up a new avenue for the organisation to reach its customers, and streamlined the process of managing wholesale orders. The inclusion of a dynamic stockist map improved the visibility of the stockists and made it easier for the public to locate them.

Lessons Learned and Future Directions

This project, complicated further by the Covid-19 pandemic, underscored the importance of empathy and guidance in delivering complex solutions, particularly for clients with great ambition but limited skills. Our experience with this project has informed our approach to future projects, and we are now better equipped to navigate the unique challenges posed by complex ecommerce projects. We continue to leverage the insights gained from this project to deliver digital transformation projects that not only meet but exceed client expectations.


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